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Andechs is a village near the eastern shore of Lake Ammersee, west of Munich, in Bavaria, which is famous for the Benedictine Monastery Andechs located here. It is a place of pilgrimage to the holy relics brought by the ancestor of the Andechs dynasty from Rome and Palestine. In the middle of the 13th century, with the death of Jadwiga of Andechs and Otto of Burgundy, the clan was suppressed, and the castle of Andechs was destroyed.


Andechs. Bavaria.


In its place, the Wittelsbachs founded the Andechs Abbey, which enjoyed their special patronage and now serves as the burial vault of the descendants of the royal family of Bavaria.


Approaching of the Abbey Andechs.


Andechs Abbey.


Abbey Brewery of Andechs

The monastery brewery is one of the last real monastery breweries that has been run by a lively religious community to this day, completely independent of any group. The Benedictines of the St. Boniface Abbey in Munich and Andechs represent a special monastic brewing tradition. In this way, the beers can mature into a "pleasure for body and soul".

The roots of the Andechs brewing tradition go back to the supply of the pilgrims who have been making pilgrimages to the Holy Mountain since 1128. The Benedictines in Andechs have been looking after and welcoming pilgrims since 1455. To this day, the monastery brewery is committed to sustainable growth and designed to preserve the monastic identity.

Lunch in Andechs Bräustüberl

The Benedictines have been taking care of the pilgrims' physical well-being since 1455. In the Bräustüberl of Andechs the long tradition of the pilgrim restaurant is still alive today.

Bräustüberl maintains its centuries-old tradition as a pilgrim restaurant. Here everyone can bring their own snack. Cold and warm delicacies, accompanied by a drinkable monastery beer - and the “Andechser feeling” is alive, daily from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

According to the tradition of our pilgrim restaurant, the monastic daily rhythm determines the serving times. Therefore the serving of night prayer of the monks ends. After that, our guests are welcome to sit for just under an hour until they finish.

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More informations about Abbey You can find at the Official site of Andechs Abbey.

Excursion to Andechs Abbey is included into our multi day trips to Bavaria.


Map of Andechs Abbey

Andechs Abbey