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Antwerpen (Antwerp) - the largest city in the Flanders region in the north-east of Belgium and the second city after Brussels in the country. Located in the Flemish part of Belgium, Antwerp is one of the most important transport hubs. Several railways and motorways converge in Antwerp, there is an international airport and one of the largest ports in Europe. The seaport of Antwerp is one of the twenty largest ports in the world.


Antwerpen. Belgium.


Almost all tours to Belgium include a visit to Antwerp. From Antwerp to Brussels the distance is approx. 47 km.

Antwerp is located on both banks of the Scheldt with the historic center on the right bank. The following areas are located from the center: the port area in the north, Surenborg - in the southeast, Chinese - in the east, Zuid - in the south. The city also has sleeping areas: Rasschaat, Mehksem, Hoboken, Lineroever. There are also prestigious districts in the city: Edegem and Zurenborg.


City tour of Antwerpen.

Antwerpen. Belgium.


From the history of Antwerp

Since the Middle Ages, Antwerp has been one of the centers of European culture with many attractions of historical and cultural value. You can visit the Sten Castle, which houses the National Maritime Museum, stroll through the historic city center, where you can see the richly decorated Guild Houses, the Town Hall and the stunning Cathedral of the Virgin Mary.

It was Antwerp that once chose Rubens as the place of his work, in whose house a museum dedicated to the activities of the great painter has been opened since 1946.

Excursions to Antwerp also attract jewelry lovers, because this city is a center for processing and selling diamonds. The best works of local jewelers are kept in the Museum of Diamonds, magnificent silverware can be admired in Sterkhof Castle, and the doors of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts are always hospitably open for fans of painting.


Antwerpen. Belgium.


From the history of Antwerp

The first mention of Antwerp dates back to the 7th century. In the XIII century, due to the economic growth of the city, it became a center of exchange trade. In 1315 Antwerp was included in the Hanseatic Trade Union. From 1384 to 1447 the city was ruled by Burgundy, and in 1447 it passed into the possession of the Habsburgs.

At the beginning of the 16th century, the city became the first in the economy, 40% of world trade was concentrated in Antwerp, it becomes the main port and financial center of Europe.

After the Protestant rule from 1577 to 1585, the city was occupied by the Spanish and evangelicals. After staying there for a short time, they left the city, which led to its decline. The city's revival and prosperity began after Napoleon turned it into a naval base for the French fleet. In 1815 Napoleon lost the Battle of Waterloo and Antwerp was handed over to Belgium for a bribe, which seceded from Holland in 1834. Further, to this day, the city flourished without decline.


Antwerpen from Above


Antwerpen. Belgium.


Attractions in Antwerp:

  • Grote Markt square
  • central vocal Antwerp
  • St Paul's Cathedral
  • Museum of Emigration Red Star Line
  • Cathedral of Our Lady of Antwerp
  • butcher's guild house
  • Plantin-Moretus Museum
  • port of antwerp
  • Church of St. Jacob
  • Sten castle


Antwerpen. Belgium.


Where to eat and what to try in Antwerp

  • No Worries: Kribbestraat 20, Antwerp 2000, Belgium.
  • Livelly: Waalsekaai 45 | A, Antwerp 2000, Belgium.
  • Eetkamer a l'Infintiste: Kasteelpleinstraat 6, Antwerp 2000, Belgium.


Shopping in Antwerp

  • Meir street: the most elite shops and boutiques of branded clothing are located here
  • diamond quarter: here you can buy diamond products at the most attractive prices
  • Zuid district: famous designer boutiques are located here
  • De Wilde Zee area: here all clothes are sold at democratic prices (even branded ones)
  • Eastern and Poultry Markets of the Latin Quarter: here you can literally everything, from unique antiques and works of art to real oriental sweets and spices


More informations about Antwerpen You can find at the Official site of Antwerpen.

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