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The Chiemsee glacial lake is located in the extreme southeast of Bavaria, at an altitude of 518 meters above sea level in the very picturesque historical and cultural region of Chiemgau at the foot of the high Alpine mountains, near the border with Austria. Against the background of the calm water of the lake, blue sky and high Alpine mountains with peaks covered with snow, the silhouette of the "fairy king" Ludwig II stands out. During the construction period of Versailles on Chiemsee, he often visited these places.


Chimsee. Bavaria.


Chiemsee has three main islands: the largest in area Herreninsel ("Male Island"), the largest in terms of population Fraueninsel ("Female Island") and between them - Krautinsel ("Grass Island"), on which there are neither buildings nor permanent population ...


Chiemsee Lake in Bavaria from Above.


Chimsee. Bavaria.


Chimsee. Bavaria.


On the island of Herreninsel, there is the magnificent palace of King Ludwig II. The palace was built in the spirit of Versailles, it turned out to be the very last palace of its kind in history. Bavarian Versailles summed up a whole architectural era, became a real monumental monument to absolute monarchy. The island has the luxury of a palace, and the splendor of fountain compositions, and the infinity of the water surface of the lake, and the grandeur of the Alps, which you don't want to leave.

On the tiny island of Fraueninsel, there is a Benedictine convent. And in the neighborhood - wonderful restaurants with fish cuisine, where for centuries pilgrims were treated, and now they are waiting for tourists.


Map of Chiemsee