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Fougeres. Brytanny.


In the XI century, Brittany was a rich and flourishing duchy, which needed to be protected from the encroachments of the French kingdom from the East. This is how the "golden arc" of the fortified cities arose: Chateaubriand, Vitre, Fougeres, Rennes.

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Fougeres. Brytanny


Fougeres, with its 11th century fortress, was the main bastion of the Breton line of defense. A fortress city in the immediate vicinity of the Brittany border, spreads out on a hill above the Nanson River. It is an old town that has retained the flavor of a medieval city of artisans, with ancient defenses of a feudal castle of the 12th-15th centuries.

In the valley at the foot of the hill there is a huge fortress of the 11th-15th centuries de Fougeres; an ancient rampart connects it with the Upper City. Today a visit to the city is included in the program of many tours to France.


Fougeres. Brittany


For a better view of the fortress, walk to the Trees Square gardens located behind the 16th century St. Leonard Church. St. Leonard's Church, founded in the 12th century, was rebuilt in the 15th-16th centuries and then reoriented and enlarged in the 19th century. From here you can walk down to the river to the medieval houses around Marshiks Square.


Fougeres. City.


Be sure to visit the Flaming Gothic Church of Saint-Sulpice, decorated with wood paneling and a granite altar. It is also worth visiting the Impressionist Museum (about 100 canvases), in the vicinity - the Bolsfevrier castle of the 18th-19th centuries with an English park. Rue de Baffroix will lead you to the 14th century bell tower, a symbol of the prosperity of the urban bourgeoisie.


Mont Saint-Michel — Fougeres with Abbey Visit & Cider Tasting


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Fougeres. Fortress.


More informations You can at the Official web site of Fougeres



Map of Fougères


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