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Honfleur is one of the most beautiful cities in Normandy, a kind of corner that has retained the historical flavor, architecture and atmosphere of past centuries. Honfleur's magical charm attracts people from all over the world, it is here that the famous Honfleur festivals of auteur cinema are held. Honfleur is a real open-air museum that preserves the spirit of bygone centuries.

Honfleur is located on the coast of Cote Fleuri, which in French means a flourishing coast. The city was once a big port. Here, to this day, traditions associated with the sea have been preserved. All our tours to Normandy include excursions in this city in their itinerary.


Honfleur harbour


Honfleur is home to only about 7.5 thousand inhabitants, and in the summer the number of residents increases a hundred times due to visiting tourists.

The main object that attracts tourists is the Old Port, built in 1684 by order of Colbert. The waters reflect ancient houses and ships. It's beautiful and romantic here, like in Venice. On the embankment, you can always see artists painting from nature, trying to display the changeable lighting, the play of light and shadow, the inconstancy of beauty.


Honfleur shops


Walking along the embankment, you can see the town itself. The streets here are narrow, stone, and the houses seem to have descended from children's watercolors. The streets are very busy, the roads are used simultaneously for pedestrians and cars, which, however, recognize the priority of the former. Between the streets you can see such charming medieval alleys, along which you can move from one fairy tale to another.

All the most original and comfortable hotels are concentrated in the center of Honfleur, next to the St. Catherine's embankment - that is, the first line to the sea.

As for comfort and safety - Honfleur compares favorably with its noisy neighbors Deauville and Trouville - there are no dangerous areas in the city. You can safely walk in the city center even at late hours without the risk of running into trouble.


Honfleur historical building


From the history of Honfleur.

The city was first mentioned in 1027, when it belonged to the Norman Duke Richard III. The owners of the city changed several times during the Hundred Years War. In the 15th century, French pirates lived here - corsairs, who ravaged the English coast. A little later, in the 17th-18th centuries, the city became significantly rich in trade with the American colonies. And after the closure of the port, the city's economy fell into decay and Honfleur turned into a suburb of Le Havre. Many famous landscape painters such as Claude Monet, Gerges Seurat and Camille Corot began to flock here in search of inspiration.


Honfleur Cafe 

Top 5 attractions in Honfleur

  • Wooden Church of St. Catherine
  • Church of st. Leonarad
  • House of Etienne Satie
  • Museum of the Navy
  • Port Honfleur

Not far from the embankment is one of the main attractions of Honfleur - the Church of St. Catherine, built of wood in the early Gothic style. A gloomy, austere and stately structure.


Honfleur old street


Around Honfleur

From Honfleur to Etretat - a resort with the famous Falaise (chalk cliffs) about 45 minutes drive, a little further is Rouen, 87 km to the east, and to Deauville - an elite seaside resort, just a stone's throw - 16 km south along the coast. The large port of Le Havre is also not far from here - 22 km.

One and a half kilometers from Honfleur is the coast of Grasse and Mont-Joly. From Mont Joly you can see stunning views of the Pont de Normandy, 2 km away. The bridge was built from 1988 to 1995. Before its construction, we had to research the strength of the local winds for a long time - the bridge is able to withstand winds at speeds above 300 km / h.


Honfleur. Calvados tasting

Where to eat and Honfleur's cuisine

In Honfleur you can taste classic French cuisine and above all! freshly caught fish, fresh seafood and other delicacies at an affordable price: these are the famous Norman oysters and other delicacies. It is noteworthy that salt has always been a special product for local residents. Also, all the locals are very fond of the small gray shrimp festival, which takes place in September.

  • Laurence home restaurant, 46 rue des Lingots | Ou 8 Rue des Capucins, here you can enjoy a Parisian atmosphere and delicious à la carte food for only €19.

  • L'Ecailleur, overlooking the old port, is famous for its dishes: Turbot fish, pasta with truffle sauce, and for dessert we recommend ordering Shou with lemon cream and meringue. Restaurant prices range from €20 to €50.

Finally, do not forget to sample the traditional Norman cider in La Cidrerie. Rough cider is especially praised. For an appetizer, you can order a biscuit with sweet pepper, cheese and chorizo ​​or a biscuit with smoked salmon.


Shopping in Honfleur

Fortunately for those who love shopping, there is The Style Outlets, one of the largest in France with up to 70% discounts on the products of world brands.

For connoisseurs of antiques, the Flea Market is held here every second Sunday of the month.

In the famous Le Dauphin shop you can buy souvenirs, art postcards.

The traditional market is open every Saturday morning and the bio market is open every Wednesday morning.


Walking in Honfleur. Just video





More information on the history and geography of Honfleur, you can see at the Official website of Honfleur.


Honfleur. Wooden church.


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Map of Honfleur


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