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Chenonceau Castle



Chenonceau or Château de Chenonceau is an architectural masterpiece in the Loire Valley, where the aristocratic life of France was concentrated for many centuries.


The palace in a luxurious Renaissance style rises above the waters of the Cher River, impresses with its romance and grace, this magnificent creation is also called "Ladies' Castle" or "Soaring over the Water".


King Henry II in 1547 donated the castle to his favorite Diane de Poitiers, who combined beauty, intelligence and efficiency. The gardens she laid out here were one of the most beautiful and modern for that time. And the famous bridge over the Cher River, built by her order, defined the unique architectural appearance of Chenonceau.


The painting depicts Diane de Poitiers

Catherine de 'Medici, widow of Henry II, excommunicates Diana and continues the improvement of the castle gardens and architectural transformations. She erects a two-story gallery to organize lavish celebrations. During her regency, Italian luxury reigned. Catherine rules the kingdom from her green office and is in charge of establishing the power of the young king.


Today, Chenonceau has been completely restored and is open to the public. When entering the estate, you need to cross a long alley lined with century-old plane trees, which leads to a wide esplanade.


On the right side is the garden of Diane de Poitiers, at the entrance to which there is the Chancellery - the house of the steward, built in the 16th century. The garden is protected from flooding by a walking terrace. At the corner of the Parade courtyard, washed by the waters of the Cher River, there is a partially renovated medieval donjon, the most ancient structure of the castle is its main tower.


Inside you can see how the chambers of the French queens looked, see antique furniture, rare paintings and tapestries.


In addition to the castle itself, visitors are impressed by the wonderful landscape design of the surrounding areas. There are two gardens created by Diana de Poitiers and Catherine de Medici. In one of the premises of the palace there is a museum, where wax figures of the most famous owners of this estate are displayed.








We offer weekly full day trips to the Loire Castles from Paris with a visit to three Castles: Chenonceau, Amboise and Chambord.

  • Official website: https://www.chenonceau.com/
  • Wikipedia article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Château_de_Chenonceau



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Chenonceau – The Ladies' Château

Гончаров Карен

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Chenonceau Castle on the Map

Chenonceau Castle

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