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Delft is a city in the province of South Holland, between Rotterdam and The Hague, 60 km from Amsterdam, on the banks of the Schie River. The city is famous for the production of porcelain. Nowadays, excursions to Delft have become popular due to the excellent geographical location of the city, its historical past, cultural heritage and wonderful environment.


Delft. Netherlands.


The central part of the city has been preserved almost intact since the seventeenth century, despite the fact that in the nineteenth century the city expanded significantly due to industrialization. And today the glory of an industrial center, associated with new high-tech industries, remains for him. The Delta has its own university and many other educational institutions.


Delft. Netherlands.


From the history of Delft

Delft was founded at the beginning of the 12th century. In 1246, King Wilhelm II of Germany granted Delft city rights, making it one of the first Dutch cities. In the 14th century, a canal was dug that connected Delft with the Meuse River and the North Sea. This further strengthened the position of the city, turning it into one of the centers of Dutch trade. In the 16th century, a large fire destroyed most of Delft. For a very long time Delft was the main city of William of Orange. In 1584 he was killed in this city, and since then, members of the royal family have been buried in the new church of Delft.

In 1654, Delft was again destroyed by the explosion of gunpowder stores. After that, almost the entire city was rebuilt and has survived to our time almost in its original form. In the 17th century, the city became the center of sea trade. Begins famous for the production of ceramics. Although already in 1672 (after the war with France and England) the trade value of Delft fell and a period of decline began. In the 19th century, Delft turned into a major industrial center and university city. And it remains so to this day.


Delft. Canals. Netherlands.


Delft landmarks

  • Delft town hall
  • Voldersgracht channel Prinsenhof: residence of Prince William of Orange Oude Kerk:
  • the old church


Delft Walking City Tour.


Delft. Netherlands.


Where to eat

  • HummUS: Molslaan 39, 2611 RJ Delft, The Netherlands
  • Fijn Bar & Kitchen: Burgwal 11, 2611 GE Delft, The Netherlands
  • Café de Oude Jan: Heilige Geestkerkhof 4, 2611 HP Delft, The Netherlands


Delft. City hall. Netherlands.


Shopping in Delft

  • Juwelier Warnaar is a jewelry salon.
  • Delft souvenir is a souvenir shop.
  • Royal delftinery - local souvenirs and tableware.
  • Mode de Zwart is a women's clothing store.
  • Lazult - bijouterie and jewelry.


Delft. Netherlands.

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