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Erfurt is the capital and largest city of Thuringia and one of the oldest cities in Germany, since ancient times it was located at the intersection of the most important trade routes. Already in 1480, 20 thousand people lived in Erfurt.




Erfurt is located in a hollow surrounded by a chain of low wooded mountains. Erfurt is a real medieval city, as guests of Germany imagine it: with narrow streets where houses almost touch their upper floors, with churches in which different eras coexist with each other, with brooding bridges across the quiet river Gera, flowing through the city.

A convenient landmark for walking through the old Erfurt is the Cathedral Mountain, on which the Cathedral and the Church of St. Severin are located. The cathedral was built in 1154-1465, and inside the cathedral there is an exhibition of works of art, including medieval stained glass windows. Also in the cathedral there is a wooden carved altar from the 14th century.




Fairy-Tale Town on the Luther Trail. 3 minutes video



The Gothic Church of St. Severin was built in 1280-1400. It is interesting for its rich interior, the sarcophagus of St. Severin, as well as the world's largest bell "Gloriosa". The steps leading up to the Cathedral Hill often turn into a theater stage or an orchestral venue for open-air concerts and performances in summer. Both Gothic churches are an excellent decoration for them, and Cathedral Square turns into an auditorium.


Erfurt From Above. A 5 minutes video




More informations You can find at the official site of Erfurt Tourism.

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