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Giethoorn is a picturesque village located in the province of Overijssel in the Netherlands, 120 km from Amsterdam. The village is famous all over the world for the fact that there are no land vehicles in it, and the inhabitants move almost exclusively by boats. This is why Giethoorn is often referred to as the "Dutch Venice". True, there are Bicycle paths.

In Giethoorn you can plunge into the atmosphere of the 18th century. due to the fact that the houses have been preserved in the same condition as 200 years ago.


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Giethorn. Netherlands.


Giethorn. Netherlands.


The village of Giethoorn was founded in 1230 by fugitives from the south of the Netherlands. The word Giethoorn itself means "goat horns". Tradition says that the first thing the fugitives saw were goat horns in the water. Apparently they belonged to a sunken goat herd. Since then, the village has been called so. The settlement gained worldwide fame thanks to the film "Fanfare" directed by Bert Hanstra.


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Attractions Giethoorn

  • farm museum of folk life Museumboerderij 't
  • Olde Maat Uus Museum
  • Old Earth De Oude Aarde
  • pottery workshop Pottenbakkerij Rhoda


Giethoorn. Netherlands.


Where to eat

  • De Witte Eend: Kerkweg 35, 8355 BJ Giethoorn, The Netherlands
  • Beachclub Bodelaeke: Jonenweg 5A, 8355 CN Giethoorn, The Netherlands
  • La Piccola Venezia: Binnenpad 1b, 8355 BP Giethoorn, The Netherlands

To get more informations You can at the Official site of Giethoorn.

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