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Oberammergau is a village located in Upper Bavaria, 90 km. south of Munich. The territory of modern Oberammergau has been inhabited for more than three thousand years. The stunning beauty of the neighboring alpine slopes, the purest mountain air, peace and quiet, allow you to enjoy nature without city rush and fuss.


Oberammergau. Bayern.


Oberammergau is the birthplace of famous German writers and artists, architects and politicians and even ministers. In this place was born, lived and worked Franz Seraphim Zwink, the author of a new trend in architectural art, which became known all over the world under the name "Luftlmalaray".


Oberammergau. Just video and music.

Oberammergau. Bavaria.


Today it is one of the most comfortable and convenient tourist centers in Bavaria. From the village it is easy to get to many attractions of Bavaria: Linderhof Palace, Ettal Monastery, the most popular castles in the world - Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau, the Garmisch-Partenkirchen ski resort, the highest point of Germany - Zugspitze, the ancient and distinctive Mittenwald.




Oberammergau has gained fame as a craft town. A few years ago, a small group of like-minded people united into a professional community of masters of traditional arts and crafts of the Ammerhaus Alps. Today it includes professional sculptors, carvers, potters, goldsmiths and painters who live primarily in the Ammergau Alps. Inspired by the beauty of nature, they create amazing works of art from local materials. All works are distinguished by individuality and originality.

The multi day tour "Bavaria - Switzerland" provides for a visit to Oberammergau, during which tourists will have enough time both for lunch and to admire the unusual houses painted in the Luftmalerai style.


Map of Oberammergau - Village in Alps