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Stein-am-Rhein - Sightseeings & Informations


Stein am Rhine (Rhein) is a small tourist town on the Rhine near Lake Constance, one of the most picturesque in Switzerland. The small old quarter in the center of Stein am Rhein is easy to get around on foot. The medieval architecture of half-timbered buildings with wooden balconies, bay windows, graceful painted facades, lush flowering plants will make your walk pleasant and informative. On the main street of the city, the houses have preserved ancient frescoes.




The main attraction of the city is the ancient Benedictine monastery of St. George, wonderfully preserved, despite its venerable age. For more than 1000 years it has been pleasing to the eye with its strict harmony of lines. Its 12th century church is a typical Romanesque basilica with a flat ceiling and no transverse nave. See the amazingly beautiful frescoes that adorn the altarpiece


Stein-am-Rhein from above. Just video with music. 3 minutes




The buildings of the monastery house the Museum of History and Crafts. The halls are richly decorated with sculptures, wood carvings, antique furniture.




A few kilometers from the city, on the high bank of the Rhine, is the Höenklingen Castle, which is a must-see. Take the time and effort to climb the steep road to the top of the hill for this.


Walking though the streets of Stein am Rhein. A 3 minutes video.


Stein am Rhein


Map of Stein-am-Rhein