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Volendam is a small fishing village in the northern part of the Netherlands with a population of about 20 thousand people, just 20 km from Amsterdam. Volendam is a former fishing port turned into an international tourist attraction. A wide variety of fishing boats and yachts can be seen in the port. Here you should definitely try fresh herring from the local catch.




Small wooden houses, very neat, painted in bright colors, preserved the appearance of a ship in the interior. The houses are tiny, and the rooms are filled with various objects.


Volendam - wooden houses


Volendam is famous for the beauty of folk costumes, which can be admired on Sunday mornings, when village women go to Mass (the population is mainly Catholics). They wear pleated sweaters with blue or black stripes over a seven-color skirt called "Zevenclurige rock".


A 23 minutes video about Volendam



But the most characteristic feature of the costume is the headdress: it almost completely covers the face and resembles a medieval helmet. Men wear short jackets with silver buttons tied at the waist, puffy black pantaloons, and round hats. Some of the residents specially stand in prominent places, waiting for the tourist to want to take a joint photo for memory.


A 4 minutes short video about fishers village Volendam





From the history of Volendam

Initially, Volendam was the harbor of the neighboring town of Edam, but when a canal was dug to the Zuidersee Bay, Volendam became an independent fishing village. In the late 19th century, innkeeper Leendert Spaander provided artists with hotel rooms in exchange for paintings. As a result, painters from all over the World were drawn here, their creations began to attract travelers from all over the world.




Attractions Volendam


  • Volendam embankment
  • Church of St. Vincent, built in the middle of the 19th century.
  • Historical Museum of Volendam
  • workshop for making wooden shoes
  • various cheese dairies and pastry shops


Where to eat


Volendam has a huge number of fish restaurants where you can taste the famous Dutch herring and eel. Tons of eel are sold at the famous fish auction. Along the harbor there are ships with delicious smoked eel, which is considered a gourmet meal. Also, tourists are treated to the freshest herring and other types of fish.

  • De Lunch: Haven 96, 1131 EV Volendam, The Netherlands.
  • A-Fusion Sushi & Grill: Pieterman 7a, 1131 PW Volendam, The Netherlands.
  • Cafetaria Kippie: Edammerweg 12, 1131 DN Volendam, The Netherlands

Excursions to Volendam

Map of Volendam