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Germany is an interesting travel destination due to the variety and richness of magnificent landscapes: the always different Baltic coast, lakes, castles frozen at the edges of the cliffs, mountain ranges of the Alps, the huge Lake Constance, medieval towns and villages that seem to have arisen from fairy tales.


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Munich. Germany.


Tours to Germany are an inexhaustible source of new impressions for history and art lovers. There are more than 2 thousand historical museums in Germany, in addition to the treasures of the former royal castles, which are an integral part of the picturesque landscapes.


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We offer tours to Germany and its region of Bavaria, as well as tours in combination with neighboring countries - Austria and Switzerland.

Of course, our tour "Saxony - Thuringia" is worth mentioning - a region that combines history, culture, amazing natural landscapes of Saxon Switzerland and world cultural heritage, be it the Dresden Picture Gallery or the "Green Vault".


Travelling in Bavaria.




Bavaria from Above. Lakes & country side.




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