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The Netherlands is often referred to as "Holland". South and North Holland are just two of the twelve provinces of the modern Netherlands. Holland is just one of the most picturesque states in Europe. Houses under brown and red tiles, neat fields, canals, windmills, well-groomed cows and sheep - everything pleases the eye of an inquisitive traveler. The ancient symbols of the Netherlands are tulips, windmills, cheese and wooden shoes.




Tours to the Netherlands is a classic tourist country where natural beauty and outstanding creations of human hands are concentrated in a small space. The country itself, 40% of whose territory is located below sea level and its literally "created" by people, the land, can already be considered a self-sufficient cultural monument.

The most beautiful cities of Netherlands.



The "visiting card" of Holland is flower plantations; in spring, almost the whole country is covered with a multicolored carpet of flowering plants, which, in contrast to the constantly gray sky of the sea coast, creates an indescribable flavor of this land. Another integral part of the Dutch landscape is the mills, many of which still function today. The cities of Holland are masterpieces of medieval architecture. Old merchant houses, majestic cathedrals, town halls and modern buildings coexist here.




The most vibrant city in Holland is its capital Amsterdam. Amsterdam is one of the most unusual and peculiar cities in Europe, a city of hundreds of canals and bridges. Canals are an indispensable attribute of all city excursions. From the water you can see most of the sights of Amsterdam, feel its indescribable atmosphere.


Top 10 Must See in Netherlands




But besides Amsterdam there are other beautiful destinations in Netherlands like The Hague, Rotterdam, Delft, Alkmaar, Giethorn, Zaanse Schans, Volendam, Utrecht ect.


The Netherlands: Beyond Amsterdam



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