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Ghent is a city in Belgium with a population of about 600 thousand people. The capital and largest city of the province of East Flanders. It is a large educational center - a university and four higher schools. The city is located in the north of Belgium. Ghent is a city of craftsmen and industrialists, the place where medieval fashion and the magnificent legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table originated.


Ghent. Belgium.


Due to its good location, many tours to Belgium and Benelux tours pass through Ghent, because it is half-way between Bruges and Brussels, Lille and Antwerp. The distance from Ghent to Brussels along the highway is about 50 km. Therefore, you can easily and quickly get here.

Ghent is rich in sights, among which the most famous are the Belfort - the 12th century bell tower, the Renaissance town hall and the Guild buildings along the Graslei and Korenlei embankments. And of course, while spending time in Ghent, it is impossible to refuse visiting various museums, because there are more than twenty of them in the city. The most interesting for travelers are the Design Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts and the S.M.A.K., which exhibits works by contemporary masters.




Ghent. Belgium.


From the history of Ghent.

The exact date of the emergence of Ghent is unknown, but by the 7th century the city was a large settlement. According to one of the versions, the city originated during the time of the ancient Roman Empire and its name comes from the Celtic "condati" - "place of confluence of rivers." It is first mentioned in 665 as lat. Gandavum.

The first settlements on the territory of Ghent appeared in the Stone Age, and in the 7th century two abbeys were built here - Sint Peter and Sint Bavo, which were destined to play an important role in the history of the country. Going on tours to Ghent, you can see the oldest religious formation in the city - the Gothic-style Sint-Bavo Cathedral, which houses magnificent works of art, including the painting "The Lamb of God" by Jan van Eyck and the painting by Rubens "The Entry of St. Bavo to the Monastery ".


Ghent City tour in 3 minutes

Ghent. Belgium.


Attractions in Ghent:

  • Castle of the Counts of Flanders (founded 1180)
  • Castle of Geghard the Devil (XII century)
  • Cathedral of St. Bavo with the famous Ghent altarpiece by Van Eyck (founded in 942, but the cathedral acquired its present appearance only in the Gothic era)
  • St. Nicholas Cathedral (founded in 1038, but construction continued until the beginning of the 13th century)
  • Belfroy, city council tower, 118 m high (built between 1377 and 1388) and cloth rows attached to it (built between 1425 and 1445; were not completed. During the 1903 restoration, completed in accordance with the original plan)
  • Church of Our Lady and St. Peter
  • Flemish Opera
  • Patershol Historic District


Top 3 restaurants in Ghent

LOF Restaurant, address: Hoogstraat 36, Ghent 9000, Belgium. Roots, address: Vrouwebroersstraat 5, Ghent 9000, Belgium. Aywa Beirut Streetfood, address: Lammerstraat 12, Ghent 9000, Belgium.


Ghent. Belgium.


Shopping in Ghent

  • The main shopping street in Ghent is, of course, Veldstraat. There are dozens of modern designer fashion stores here.
  • Be sure to check out Henegouwenstraat (vintage clothing, lingerie, luxury shoes, bags and accessories) and Brabantdam (decor, womens and mens shops).
  • Vintage items can be found at Zoot on Serpentstraat and inexpensive, exclusive clothing at Think Twice on Ajuinlei.
  • Luxurious women's accessories (hats, scarves, bracelets and earrings) await you at Onderbergen, 19, in the Marta store.
  • At Chocolaterie Van Hecke you can buy Belgian chocolate, truffles and famous pralines for yourself or as a gift to your loved ones.
  • Lovers of the intoxicating drink will love the De Hopduvel store, which offers over 1000 different types of beer.
  • You can buy food not only in supermarkets and grocery stores, but also in the famous Butchers' House, which is located near the Cathedral of St. Bavo. They sell delicacies from all over East Flanders - cheeses, poultry and, of course, meat.


Ghent. Castle. Belgium.


Ghent's trading spirit can be felt

  • in his Sunday markets.
  • The Flower Market opens at Coater Square.
  • On the same day of the week, you can also visit the flea market behind the Cathedral of St. Jacob. There you will find jewelry, furniture, books, dishes and all kinds of knickknacks.
  • For fresh vegetables and fruits, come to Sint-Michielsplein, and for poultry - to Vrijdagmarkt.
  • Used bicycles are traded on the Oude Beestenmarkt.


Ghent. Cathedral. Belgium.


More informations You can find at the Official site of Ghent.


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