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Schaffhausen Rhine Falls - Excursion & Information


Schaffhausen is a beautiful medieval town with ancient streets and old houses, over which there is a castle-fortress with a round majestic tower. Once upon a time, merchants set up warehouses at this place, since the rapids on the Rhine, which are only 3 kilometers from the city, created an insurmountable obstacle for ships carrying goods. This is how Schaffhausen was born.


The main attraction of the city is the majestic Rhine, which is the natural border between Switzerland and Germany, the famous Rhine Falls - the largest in Europe. Here, at a bend, the river reaches a width of 150 meters, and the water rushes down from a height of 21 meters. The water speed of the Rhine Falls reaches 1,100 cubic meters per second.

At the Rhine Falls of Schaffhausen, you can stand high above Rhine Waterfalls and experience the roaring of the water. A cruise of the Rhine Falls lets you reach the rock, where you can experience it even closer. The platforms that partially jut out into the Rhine, enable you to stand almost in the midst of the waterfall.

The oldest surviving buildings in Schaffhausen date back to the late Gothic period. The architectural appearance of the city, however, is dominated by Baroque and Rococo.


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Rhine Falls Schaffhausen

In the center of the city, the 16th century Munot fortress rises from which a magnificent view of the city and its surroundings opens. The old part of the city is located on the banks of the Rhine.

Walking along the walls of the local history museum, located in the former monastery of All Saints, you will find yourself in the historical center of the city. In the center of the city you will see many old houses with protruding bay windows, the large Herrenacker square, then to the right, the street on which the building of the city archives is located, with a wonderful courtyard, behind it the town hall.

The House of the Golden Bull on the same street is one of the most beautiful buildings in Schaffhausen. The splendid late 17th Gothic façade is decorated with frescoes. House 67 is called the House of the Knight. The murals date from the 16th century. In the blocks on the other side of Fordergasse, it is interesting to see the old market square, Fronwagplatz.


Rhine Falls & Schaffhausen from above. A 2 minutes video


Rhine Falls




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Schaffhausen Rhine Falls